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Dex DM/PM MIG Welders 3000A

Medium-power & Energy-saving Double-pulse MIG/MAG Welder for Multiple Metal Materials.

Low spatter arc for carbon steel at synergic MIG mode;

Better performance for SUS at synergic MIG mode;

Optional Short-arc pulse MIG/MAG with superb performance for SUS; 

Improved welding result of aluminum; 

Power-saving with up to 90% efficiency;

Waveform control at a new level with 180K HZ output frequency;

Better tolerance for welding voltage;

Standard Job saving features (upto 50 Job)

Up to 15m inter-connection cable;

Friendly interface with automation; 

Longer service life and lower defective rate thanks to improved mechanical design; 

Megmeet Dex DM/PM MIG Welders 3000A
Application & Industries

Dex DM / PM energy-saving MIG/MAG welding machines bring superior welding performances, and are widely used in industries such as automotive, construction, pressure tank and automotive & bicycle.


I. LSA (Low-spatter Arc for MAG / CO2)

Optimized and upgraded based on standard synergic MIG/MAG, through software-based precise control, the molten droplet of short-circuit transfer is softly disconnected, so that the spatter caused by the traditional liquid bridge explosion and electromagnetic repulsion is reduced. The molten pool is calmer, and the weld formation is more beautiful.

Process Characteristics:

Megmeet Low-spatter Arc for MAG/CO2 welding - Dex DM/PM MIG Welders

QPT (Short-arc pulse)

The industry-leading 180 K HZ inverter frequency brings the advantages of high-speed sampling and control. Dex can find critical control and balance between short-circuit and spray transfer and achieve higher transfer speed.

Process Characteristics:

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