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Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders

CO₂/MAG/MIG/TIG/MMA/ Carbon Arc Gouging All-in-one Welding Machine

Multiple processes integrated into one machine, rich functions to meet various application conditions.

Droplet necking detection and control technology is adopted to automatically clean the ending of the wire to improve arc start success rate and quality;

Huge expert welding database, up to 99 groups of welding parameters storage/calling channels, one-key calling, and easy operability;

With welding current and voltage limiting function, ceiling/floor limits of welding current and voltage can be set to prevent over-standard operation;

Protection functions as input over/under voltage protection, phase loss protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, and others;

Welding voltage and welding current compensation function ensures the stability of long-cable welding and the consistency of actual values and preset values;

Heat conduction efficiency of IGBT is increased by 50%, more suitable for long-term, high-intensity, and high-current welding;

Lightning protection level reaches Class D, the wide-range input voltage is more suitable for severe power grids, and can expand to work with oil generators;

All models of the Ehave-2 series are 100% rated duty cycle, supporting to weld stably at long distances and suitable for industrial heavy-duty harsh environments;

Megmeet Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders
Application & Industries

With abundant welding parameters setting, suitable for all kinds of welding operations from thin plate to medium-thick plate.

  • MEGMEET Ship-building welding solutions - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders
    Ship-building Welding
  • MEGMEET Yellow Goods welding solutions - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders
    Yellow Goods Welding
  • MEGMEET Steel Fabrication welding solutions - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders
    Steel Fabrication Welding
  • MEGMEET Sea Shipping Containers welding solutions - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders
    Sea Shipping Containers Welding


I. Multiple Welding Function Options

1) CO2/MIG/MAG welding processes

2) Fast Mode Weld Function

3) Simple DC TIG Function

4) MMA Function

5) Arc Gouging Function

6) Application in Outdoor Power Generation Occasions (optional)

7) RFID Card Linking

RFID Card Linking - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders

8) U-Disk Interface

U-Disk Interface - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders

9) First-Class Energy Efficiency

First-Class Energy Efficiency - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders

II. Multiple Wire Feeders Can Be Freely Selected

 - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders wire feeder selection.png

III. Robot Communication

Ehave-2 Communication Protocols with Robots.

Robot Communication - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders

IV. Intelligent Manufacture Upgrading

Manual-type welding machines can be upgraded to a robotic welding power source.

Intelligent Manufacture Upgrading - Ehave-2 CM Multi-process Welders

Manual-type Welding Power Source + Robotic wire feeder with photoelectric encoder feedback + Robotic communication module + Robotic welding software

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